At CVGT, it's good to be in 
the Red!

In the old days, being “in the red” meant something negative…but TODAY, it means being part of something amazing. It’s digital + brand + web. It’s holistic. It’s data-driven. It’s partnership. It’s accountability. And it means your goals are not just being met, but the results are making you skip to work every day.

Our Process:

RED = Review + Enhance + Deliver


At the beginning of our collaboration, we’ll dive deep into your current digital and traditional footprint and audit your current strategies to find gaps and eliminate unnecessary spending.


Our experts will look closely at your goals and match those with the channels that make the most sense. And not just to build traffic and leads, but to provide a journey through integrated, cross-channel communication that elevates your customers from simply happy, to loyal brand ambassadors.


As partners, we work side-by-side and keep you informed every step of the way. We work with a growth mindset, which means we measure and change for continuous improvement. Our goal is to only overdeliver on our promises and make marketing easy for you.

Stephanie Carlson

Managing Director

Laura Paterson

Account Director

Scott Spehar

Creative Director

Bruce Herrick

Director of Project Management