Paid Media

Nobody does digital advertising better than CVGT! Our holistic campaign strategy includes goal assessment, competitor and market analysis, keyword research, conversion and ROI investigation, dynamic bid management and comprehensive reporting.

Conversion-focused landing pages make sure your customers have an experience that keeps them captured. Dynamic A/B and multivariant testing ensures optimization for conversions through compelling content and design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every SEO program at CVGT is custom-designed to take on the challenges that are unique to your business.

First we audit the technical status of your website to uncover problem areas, recommend solutions and prioritize an action plan. We then audit competitor’s websites and build a short and long-term approach to SEO strategy (including local SEO) with keyword usage, content planning, link building and much more.

Brand & Design

properly positioned in the marketplace? Is it clear why customers should choose your business over a competitor? CVGT’s creative strategists take a vision and shape it into a captivating brand. Our transformational work connects your business with your customers and prospects, making it uniquely you. Our Brand Development Process
CVGT works closely with you and your team to gain insight into your business, goals and objectives, your market, the competition and future trends before we even begin to create a strategy.
Once we have compiled the data, this is where the CVGT magic happens, using our expertise to create a holistic marketing strategy that will not just meet and exceed your goals, but also turns your customers into loyal ambassadors.
CVGT will build your brand with a competitive proposition to improve the way you do business and clarify what makes you different and unique. This allows us to visualize and communicate why your brand matters.
CVGT develops and tests your brand to ensure your vision and brand values are translating successfully to your target audience. We set benchmarks and track the metrics, so you see and understand the results firsthand. Then we celebrate!

Social Media

Social media advertising and content posting delivers the capability to execute extraordinary targeting. We help businesses or all sizes use social media to tell their stories and turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors. We’ll help you choose the optimum channels, create effective ads, target your audience and analyze results through: 

  • Social profile setups
  • Content engagement analysis
  • Look-alike audience building
  • Facebook and Instagram integrated campaigns
  • YouTube video advertising
  • Twitter and LinkedIn advertising
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Social media consulting
  • Content development and posting 
  • Results analysis and ongoing recommendations


Website Development

CVGT has been at the forefront of website innovation since its inception. Our website designers and developers work closely with you to determine the best website strategy for your business. No cookie cutter sites here!

With an eye for both beauty and function, CVGT will create a compelling site that is worthy of your brand, and is optimized to generate the traffic and leads that you want. We also securely host sites and can provide ongoing management as well, depending on your particular needs.

CVGT also helps many businesses manage their website content changes. Value-added programs are available if you don’t have an in-house web manager, or prefer our experts to handle day-to-day updates.

Email Marketing

CVGT’s email marketing services are designed to speed up the sales cycle, and move your customers and prospects from one stage in the “sales funnel” to the next.

We handcraft content that engages and is worthy of your brand. Our email marketing services take the monotony out of email communication, through proven techniques that save you time and money.

Video / Animation

80% of all online traffic. If you don’t have compelling video, you simply can’t compete. CVGT encourages the use of video at every stage of the sales funnel. Why? Simply because it’s the most efficient, effective way to tell a story, illustrate complex messages and persuade customers and prospects to engage.

Our full-service video services include on-location and studio production, as well as animation. This includes story creation and scriptwriting, as well we sound design and video editing. Whether you’re looking for a partner to handle your video project from start to finish, or you just need some additional help for one step of the process, our CVGT team is ready to assist.

We work closely to understand your goals, and put together a comprehensive strategic content plan. Our team has capabilities in both curated content and pre-designed content programs that respond to common issues our customers face every day.

Content Marketing

Without a well-defined content marketing strategy, you’re wasting time and money. CVGT helps our clientsincrease sales, engage with customers, and increase organic traffic through targeted content marketing programs. Our full range of content services helps you leverage quality content to provide immeasurable value for your audience, locate new customers and reach your business objectives.

We work closely to understand your goals, and put together a comprehensive strategic content plan. Our team has capabilities in both curated content and pre-designed content programs that respond to common issues our customers face every day.

Website Compliance

Compliance can be confusing for businesses who are trying to best assist their customers and avoid litigation. The laws are not easy to navigate and you need a trusted partner who understands the changing compliance environment. CVGT has helped many businesses proactively identify and fix critical issues to avoid lawsuits.